Find tips and advice on wedding day transportation from top wedding transportation companies

Do Your Homework
One of the worst wedding day mishaps is late transportation - or even worse - transportation no shows. Avoid transpertation gaffes by using a reputable company. Get recommendations from wedding planners or recent brides. Before making the hire, ask for state and local permits and insurance papers. Go to the facility to see their vehicles in person. Ask for at least three references. A little research will ensure you - and your guests - arrive on time.

—Fred Rich – Cooper-Atlanta Transportation Services - Atlanta, GA

Consider Your Guests
It's always best to organize mass transit for your guests if you are getting married at a location that is not centrally located or requires a long or complicated drive. You want your guests to remember what an amazing time they had at your wedding - not what a pain it was to get there!

—Juls Gunderson – A Spice of Life - Boulder, CO

Timing is Everything
In planning your wedding day transportation, reserving a limousine for a specific time sounds easy.† You want it to pick up the bridal party at the house, take them to the church, and then take the newlyweds from the church to the reception.† Simple, right?† Most of the time, yes. †But not always. A key player in your wedding is the photographer; so much hinges on this person's schedule and your photography requirements.† For example, if you want 10 pictures taken after the wedding ceremony, the photographer will be done in 15-20 minutes.† If, however, you want 30 posed shots, it could take up to an hour.† So, when reserving your wedding transportation, check with your photographer to see how long he'll need to shoot the after-ceremony photos.† Then figure out how long it will take to get from the church to the reception, and reserve your wedding transportation accordingly.

—Randy Hively, President - A Touch of Class Limousines - Frederick, MD

Make Two Trips
When reserving your wedding day transportation, remember that the groom and his groomsmen need to be at the church 45 minutes early to seat your guests. Have your driver can pick up the guys first and return for the bride & bridesmaids. This will save you from having to contract two vehicles/drivers.

—Celebrity Star Limousine - Santa Rosa, CA

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