Sure, coordinating wedding transportation may not be as fun as trying on beautiful princess-like wedding gowns (what is??). But selecting your wedding day fleet is a great way to personalize your big day by complementing your theme or reflecting your unique personality. We've compiled everything you need to know in planning your wedding day transportation, from basic transportation planning essentials to creative ways to customize your ride.
Assess Your Needs
The Happy Couple – Obviously the logistics of your wedding day will determine your personal transportation needs. Consider all the scenarios. How you will get to the wedding ceremony? The Reception? The hotel room? Will you be making a grand entrance at your ceremony site, or will you be arriving in jeans and dressing at the bridal suite? (in which case you probably don't need to arrive in a stretch limo) What is the distance between the ceremony and reception sites? You may not even need wedding day transportation if it right across the street or in the same location. Will you and your new husband be making a grand exit or simply taking the elevator up to your honeymoon suite? The details of your day will determine your wedding transportation needs.

Attendants and Family – Take a head count; then calculate your vehicle needs. Again, consider the logistics and how they will arrive at the wedding ceremony, reception and overnight accommodations.

Guests – Again, depending on your reception and ceremony locations, you may not even need to provide mass transport for your wedding guests. If your wedding takes place at multiple locations, however, consider your guests. Though it is not technically your responsibility to get your guests around, it's common courtesy, especially for traveling visitors who may not have cars.
Talk to your reception site manager and determine your parking options. Some sites handle parking arrangements and staff; otherwise, you will have to hire an independent service. Depending on the approximate number of guests who will drive their own cars, you can choose parking attendants only or a full-service valet team. Consider four valets or 2-3 attendants for every 100 guests.
Your budget is a starting point from which your wedding day transportation options and choices will follow. Obviously, the more unique and luxurious your mode of transport, the more money it will cost. You will most likely be charged by the hour, with rates typically ranging from $40-$75 per vehicle per hour, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of passengers. Also factor in tips, about 15-20% of the total bill and about $20-$25 per hour per valet for parking service.

Who pays for all this? Traditionally, the bride's family takes care of all wedding transportation and parking, with the exception of getting the groom and the best man to the ceremony. The groom's family typically pays for this. Today, however, anyone can pick up the transportation tab.
Personal Arrival and Departure Style
Now that you know your wedding day transportation needs and budget, it's time to choose your ride. This is where you can get creative and treat your vehicle selection as a reflection of yourself. Like every other element, selecting your mode of wedding transportation should complement and match your wedding and personal sense of style. Use this as an opportunity to express yourself. How do you see yourself making your grand entrance or getaway? You needn't even limit yourself to automobiles. A horse and carriage is a great way to create the extreme Cinderella experience. Here are some options to consider:
  • Limo
  • Town Car
  • Classic Car—Vintage Mustang, Corvette, Porsche etc.
  • Luxury Car—Rolls Royce, Bentley etc.
  • Horse and Carriage
  • Other—motorcycle, skateboard, bicycle—anything your heart desires!
Family and Wedding party
Once you've determined your needs and budget, consider these transportation options for your family and attendants:
  • Stretch Limos – 10-12 passengers
  • Limos – 6 passengers
  • Town Cars – 2-4 passengers
  • Trolley – up to about 35 passengers (a great option for large wedding parties!)

  • Guests
    Once you've determined your needs and budget, consider these options for transporting your guests:
  • Buses – up to about 60 passengers
  • Vans – about 7-14 passengers
  • Mini Bus/Limo Bus – about 30
Things to Consider
Wedding Packages – Many transportation companies offer wedding packages – taking care of all of your wedding day transportation needs in a one stop shop and often saving you time and money in the process. Inquire about this when contacting a company.

Ways to Save – You can still make an impression on a budget. Consider the point in your day when your mode of transportation will have the greatest effect – the grand entrance? The getaway? Rent your fabulous vehicle for this time, and drive your own wheels for the remainder of the day. Sign up for an hourly rate, rather than for the whole evening. If you only have a few people in your wedding party, stick with the standard limo or town car instead of the stretch. Eliminate amenities such as TV, sunroof or bar (do you really plan on watching TV on your wedding day??) Surprisingly, even the color of your vehicle can influence the cost. Your basic black and silver limos are usually less expensive than white ones.

Prom Factor – If your wedding falls within prom or graduation season (Late April-Late June), arrange your wedding transportation as soon as possible to be safe.

Travel Time – Timing is everything, so schedule wisely. When booking your vehicles, make sure to consider and re-consider all starting and ending times while factoring the time it will take to get to each destination.

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