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This month's topic: Trends

High style and individualism - buzz words for modern weddings
The days of simple gatherings in the church basement or basic banquet hall are all but forgotten. Today's weddings represent more than a celebration of marriage; they are stories that explain a history and foretell a future.

As modern brides and grooms accept and embrace the wedding celebration's significance as a reflection of their lives, budgets expand as high style permeates. Details beyond the basic color scheme are analyzed until not a single one is left untouched or unnoticed.

This increased attention to detail and quest for originality causes budgets to increase, but many couples combat this with smaller guest lists. The desire to host something unique and special often overrides the desire to share it with 500 of your closest "friends." The result is an elegant and meticulously-styled semi-private gathering where no corner is left untouched, delighting each of the guests' senses. Even an "informal" beach or backyard affair exudes a type of high-styled elegance, as brides insist that details such as place settings, table treatments, lighting, and passed hors d'euvres all come together to complement the overall theme.

Today's wedding vendors are called upon to create that special distinctive look that brides and grooms seek. Brides want to see portfolios that reflect this ability, going beyond the typical and ordinary and demonstrating an ability to provide something truly unique.

The ultimate goal? Guests leave a big budget extravaganza not thinking, "I can't believe they spent that much money," but rather, "I wish I didn't have to leave!"

A Call to Action!

How can wedding professionals meet the needs of today's discerning bride?
Update your Marketing Materials - this includes any form of company communication with potential clients: your website, collateral, advertisements and most importantly, your portfolio of work. When was the last time you took a look at your business cards or visited your own website? Study these materials through the eyes of a potential client; what image do they express? Does your company come across as tired or uninspired - relying on the same familiar wedding jargon and imagery? Increasingly older and more educated, today's brides are market savvy. They will visit your website and browse through your marketing materials long before picking up the phone or walking through your door. Make sure they reflect the image you want to express - that of a creative and talented professional on the cutting edge of today's most inspiring ideas and trends.

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