It's the big day! And wedding day transportation is probably far down on your list of priorities. Of course you would rather turn your thoughts towards hair, makeup etc., but to ensure a wedding day ride that's as smooth as possible, follow these wedding transportation guidelines.
Be Prepared
Ease your stress on the big day by preparing the night before. Designate someone to be in charge of transportation coordination on the wedding day. Create a call sheet listing the contact information of this person and the wedding transportation companies, all pickup and drop off addresses and times - with detailed directions. Give this sheet to your designated wedding day transportation coordinator and all drivers in advance, and call the day before to confirm the arrangements. Make sure everyone getting a ride has a copy of the directions with emergency contact numbers in case the driver gets lost.
Give Yourself Time
Make sure you give yourself some padding when it comes to time. If the limo is picking you up for the ceremony at 4, aim to be ready by 3:30. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is time; this is NOT the day to arrive fashionably late!
Have Fun!
Make the ride just as fun and memorable as the event. Stash some champagne in your vehicle and have a toast on the way to the reception. You may also consider a toast, albeit a small one, on your way to the ceremony (takes the edge off!).
Consider having your photographer ride along with you on the way to the ceremony and or to the reception. You will capture some glamorous in-car shots.

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