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Ask Emma: Good Grooming

Your guy just sprung for the diamond on your left finger and now you want to know how to get him interested in the planning? Slip him The Groom’s Instruction Manual by former groom Shandon Fowler, published by Quirk Books.  Stress to him that this is not like the number of other sleepy, how-to planning guides for men that have come before it; Fowler presents the useful basics in a hilarious guy-oriented manner.  If your fiance doesn’t believe you, turn to the introduction on foral arrangements that suggests, “most men with any common sense would have already skipped to the next section.”

The point, of course, is that we believe an informed groom is an involved groom, which every bride wants.  You may not be so excited when he’s cackling at the bridezilla graphic (the book is full of funny graphics and witty captions to keep them reading), but we’re betting you’d rather he laugh now and plan later than not at all.

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Quirk Books, quirkbooks.com, $15.95

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