Ideas & Advice


  • Getting Started - Catering Basics

    Start planning your wedding menu with this introduction to caterers and catering.

  • How to Find the Right Caterer

    Find a wedding caterer that suits your needs, style and budget by following these steps to hiring and working with wedding caterers.

  • Catering Serving Style Breakdown

    Serve it up! A primer on wedding reception catering styles…

  • Creative Menu Ideas and Catering Trends

    When it comes to catering your wedding reception, build a menu that will excite and entice.  Here are our favorite menu ideas and catering trends.

  • Ways to Save - Tips for Your Catering Budget

    Serve up a tantalizing (yet wallet-friendly) culinary experience with these five easy ways to save on wedding catering.

  • Catering Workbook and Checklist

    Print this handy catering workbook for an easy-access, take-anywhere cheat sheet to help you stay organized when booking your caterers and planning your wedding menu.

  • Menu Ideas for Every Season

    Let your wedding catering take a cue from the time of year with our favorite menu ideas for every season…

  • Menu Design Ideas

    These days, it’s all about the details, and part of your final wedding design is showing off your menu in a clean and gorgeous way. Consider these super cool menu design ideas for a showstopping bill of fare.

  • Plan a Sunrise Breakfast Wedding

    Want to do something unique and exciting? Why not get married at dawn and serve breakfast instead of dinner?

  • Tapas-Style Wedding Menu

    It’s true: Tapas are trendy and for good reason. Small plates that are big on flavor might be just the thing to take your wedding reception menu from average to exciting.