Wedding menu Ideas & Advice Newlywed couple at reception

Getting Started - Catering Basics

Start planning your wedding menu with this introduction to caterers and catering.

Food and beverage, often eating up more than half of your wedding budget, is a big decision. A number of details must come together to treat your guests to something extraordinary. There is a lot to know before you start your quest…

Wedding Catering Tips

Set the Tone

The style of food and service that you decide on will serve as a foundation for the ambiance of the wedding reception. A general rule of thumb is to make sure that the reception menu corresponds with the formality of every other memorable aspect of your special day.

Consider your Guests

Before building the catering menu of your dreams and tastebuds, remember your guests. Don’t forget about Aunt Martha’s peanut allergies or the fact that most of your girlfriends from college are vegetarians. Even if you and your fiance are adventurous when it comes to exotic food and drink, not everyone will go for extra spicy thai food. Even in an attempt to be original, try to include some standards on the menu that will satisfy all palates.

Be Original

That said, don’t be afraid to break out of the 5-course beef-or-chicken mold. Planning your wedding menu should be fun! Try to take your guests on a culinary journey. All the while, think quality, not quantity. Concentrate on variety and presentation over an elaborate abundance of food.

Make it Tasty

In all this thoughtful planning, don’t forget the obvious. Make food as appetizing as it is memorable; look for variation in flavor as well as presentation.

Mind Your Budget

You should count on spending as much as 50% of your total wedding budget on catering, more than any other element for your big day. So be sure to be sensible and meticulous during your selection process. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice veal for meatloaf, cut down on the number of courses you serve so you won’t break the bank.  Get more catering budget tips.