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Plan a Sunrise Breakfast Wedding

Want to do something unique and exciting? Why not get married at dawn and serve breakfast instead of dinner?

The Ceremony

Look up sunrise for the date you have in mind and schedule your ceremony for just before. This will have guests seated just in time for sunrise, which means your big moment can coincide with those first rays of sun peeking over the nearest horizon.

Color Scheme

Consider utilizing sunrise colors throughout your wedding design. The oranges, yellows, and reds will be the perfect fit when set against the bright beautiful day that will immediately follow your “I dos.”

The Menu

“Designing a wedding menu that consists of breakfast foods would be not only exciting and different for us as caterers; it would also be very cost-effective for the couple,” says Wendy Neal of A Catered Affair. Muffins, doughnuts, assorted pastries, bagels and cream cheese, maybe even an omelet station? Sounds phenomenal, if you ask us.

The Bar

A “full bar” at a breakfast reception would consist of the obvious coffee, tea, and fresh juice, but feel free to add on mimosas and possibly even a Bloody Mary. This means delicious beverages but no full bar, which is a major money-saver.


Just because most of your wedding reception will be during the daylight hours, don’t forget to plan for some type of lighting upon arrival. Pre-sunrise will be dark, which gives you the opportunity to create some romantic, candlelit moments. Consider lighting the path to the ceremony with twinkle lights, luminaries, or candles in mason jars. And if you plan to walk down the aisle just as the sun is rising, lighting your altar area would also be über romantic.


Since breakfast is a much more casual meal than dinner, providing picnic blankets for guests would be completely acceptable. This will also help you save on rental costs, while giving the entire event a fun, bohemian vibe.


Don’t want the party to end? Turn your sunrise wedding and breakfast reception into an all-day celebration by planning afternoon activities and an evening barbecue for guests at a separate location.