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Seek Out Fun Free Fonts! Don’t settle for a simple Times New Roman. Sites like,, and have tons of amazing free fonts that will take your menu design to the next level.

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Menu Design Ideas

These days, it’s all about the details, and part of your final wedding design is showing off your menu in a clean and gorgeous way. Consider these super cool menu design ideas for a showstopping bill of fare.

Formal Individual Menu Cards

Chat with your stationery artist about designing menus to match your stationery suite. Have your catering staff or venue fold your napkins with a menu pocket so you can simply tuck the menu inside each napkin pocket on top of each plate.

Napkin Wrap Menu

A cute and creative spin on simple individual menu cards, a wrap can be made in several sizes, but we find that if you design it around 11-inch wide by 4-inch tall, then you have enough extra to “mock” wrap the menu around the napkin, and you can print two per page on standard 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper.

Chalkboard Menu

One large menu saves on paper and print cost, and chalkboards are just super fun in general. This works especially well for buffet-style service as the menu can be placed on an easel at the start of the line. You can also create a similar style menu using a large mirror and a washable white paint marker.

Printed Bag

Design a menu to be printed on glassine bags. Fill them with a treat, like a small baguette, french fries, or popcorn. It will look adorable at each place setting while providing guests with a delicious pre-dinner snack.

Hanging Menu

If you already plan to have favors and a napkin sitting atop the plate, design a menu that tucks under the plate and hangs down in front of each chair. Designed at 6.5 inches by 13 inches, you can fold 6 inches from the top, having your copy fill the remaining 7 by 6.5 inch space that hangs directly in front of each setting. This is a modern and creative way to create some interest where your plate or charger meets the linen.

Double Duty Menu Booklet

Let your menus double as a place card, as well as the bill of fare. A small booklet placed atop the napkin at each setting can display the guest’s name on the cover, while having the detailed list of nosh and nog on the inner pages.

Wine Bottle Menu

Put your table elements to good use. Print custom labels that outline your menu and adhere them to the wine you plan to provide on the tables. Guests will take notice as they fill their glasses to toast to you in celebration.