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Menu Ideas for Every Season

Let your wedding catering take a cue from the time of year with our favorite menu ideas for every season…

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Summon the taste of spring with light flavors and delicate textures…

  • In season: Serve a main dish featuring ham or lamb.
  • Fresh produce: Round out the meal with a bounty of fresh fruits and young vegetables, like baby carrots, baby asparagus, microgreens, arugula, and new potatoes.
  • Elegant sides: Serve mini-quiches or update traditional deviled eggs by adding salmon or crabmeat.
  • Bar favorites: A spring menu seems to call for champagne, so mix up a batch of mimosas and plan a morning wedding or create a festive champagne cocktail.

Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Use your summer menu to invoke warmth, sunshine, and fun…

  • Serve lighter fare: Think fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, like berries, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, and corn, plus seafood and lean poultry like chicken. Between courses, serve a light sorbet.
  • Spark up the grill: Serve traditional picnic and grill fare, like barbecue, burgers, and potato salad. Or go for a light fish dish with a mango chutney.
  • Head to the tropics: Feature tropical signature cocktails, like margaritas, sangria, or mojitos.

Fall Wedding Menu Ideas

Bring out the rich and comforting tastes of autumn…

  • Traditional favorites: You can’t go wrong with the seasonal standbys, like turkey, red potatoes, corn bread dressing, green beans, and honey-glazed carrots.
  • Family style: Re-create a traditional Thanksgiving feast by incorporating family recipes into your wedding menu and serving the meal family style (if your guest list is small).
  • Hearty proteins: Choose a hearty meat that will pair with heavier side dishes, like turkey, roasted quail, or rib roast.
  • Keep it elegant: You can serve traditional fare in sophisticated, creative ways, like presenting soup or veggie puree in mini-shot classes or hollowed-out gourds, or warm apple cider in glass mugs with cinnamon sticks.

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Warm up to a decadent winter menu with these cool ideas to reflect the season…

  • Hearty dishes: Serve heartier fare in bold ways, such as colorful butternut squash puree or warm pumpkin soup in ramekins or shot glasses.
  • Think outside the plate: Winter is a non-traditional time to get married, so consider serving something that will surprise guests, like a beef stew or homemade macaroni and cheese.
  • Wintery beverages: Warm guests up with eggnog, spiced wine, hot toddies, or mixed coffee drinks.
  • Overdo the sweets: You can never have too many sweets in the winter. Jam-pack the dessert table with an array of cupcakes, cookies, and pies. Or serve delicious warm doughnuts to each table with coffee service.