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Your Guests

  • Your Guest List - Getting Started

    Work your way through this potential land mine with this thoughtful step-by-step approach to creating a guest list that works – for everyone. 

  • Trimming Your Wedding Guest List

    Determine who makes the cut…

  • Wedding Favors

    Browse our guide for unique wedding favors ideas and everything you’ll need to know to present them in style.

  • Wedding Welcome Baskets

    Welcome travel-weary guests with some pre-wedding goodies. Browse this guide for ideas for wedding guest baskets.

  • Ways To Save - Wedding Favors on a Budget

    With these smart money saving tips, wedding favors needn’t be a budget buster.

  • Wedding Guest Manager

    Print this handy guest list planner to help you organize names and addresses and keep track of guest details – including invites, responses, gifts, and thank-yous.

  • Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

    Wedding favors don’t have to be dull and uninspired…

  • Guest Book Alternatives

    Before your wedding guests put pen to paper, consider these fresh, alternative approaches to your guest book.

  • Alternative Seating Chart Inspiration

    Show your guests to their seats in style. We’ve got seven seating chart ideas to kick things up a notch.

  • Seating Chart Nightmares Resolved

    Between feuding family, single girlfriends, and guests who don’t speak English, creating the perfect seating chart for your wedding can be a real handful. Here’s a little info to help you on your way.

  • Welcome Bag Must-Haves

    The anatomy of your wedding welcome bag should be carefully considered. Here are the items we think are most important to include.

  • Your Wedding Seating Chart: Round Tables Versus Banquet

    Round tables are a classic choice, but maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the traditional circle. There’s no right or wrong here; it’s simply a matter of your venue space and personal preference. Let us help you consider the pros and cons.

  • 8 Tips to Keep Your Guests Happy

    Chances are, you’ll be the only one to notice if a flower is out of place or the best man dons the wrong shoes, but wedding guests everywhere want to be taken care of in these eight simple ways.