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Alternative Seating Chart Inspiration

Show your guests to their seats in style. We’ve got seven seating chart ideas to kick things up a notch.

Sips and Seats

Have your waitstaff meet guests immediately following the ceremony with trays of signature cocktails or glasses of champagne. Have each tray be labeled with a letter A–Z so they can follow the tray with their table assignment. Add cute labels to striped straws so it looks like you popped a little flag in a delicious drink for each guests to help them find their way.

Map It

Attach the escort cards to a mini-compass and cover the top of a table with a large map. Put each guest’s compass on or near the location where you met him or her. Hint: You can create signage to help them figure this out or you can simply let them problem solve.

Sweet Treat

French macaroons, mini-iced doughnuts, and other sweet treats can help make your seating chart extra fun. Set up a cute dessert display and stick mini-toothpick flag escort cards into each item.

Mirror, Mirror

Large mirrors, hanging or propped up together on easels, look amazing as a seating chart. Gilded gold or silver frames add an elegant touch to your overall look. Purchase a water-based market and rope in a friend with fantastic handwriting to transcribe your seating chart onto the glass.

Chalk it Up

Sure, we know you’ve been seeing a lot of the chalkboards lately, but that’s because it’s a fantastic trend and it’s most likely here to stay. The trick is to know that you can change any photo frame into an awesome chalkboard. Choose a collection of frames you like, pop in to your local Home Depot, and purchase chalkboard Masonite. Then, cut the Masonite to fit your frames – it’s sturdier than spraying the glass with chalkboard paint and you get a much more even finish. Not only will they make a fantastic seating chart; they will work as signage all over the wedding: drink menus, guestbook explanation, etc.

String Art

Have a ball with some string art. Start with a large board. Run the guest names down the left side and table numbers down the right side. Place a nail to the right side of the guest’s name and a nail to the left side of the table number. Run a string from the guest name to the table number, weaving them together and make your guests work a little to find out their table assignment.

No Chart

Go rogue and let your guests choose to sit where they like. This works with buffet-style service and lets guests mingle and meet new people as they see fit.