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Be sure to provide plenty of pens alongside your guest book so everyone writes in a similar ink. You’ll also want to be sure the ink works well with the surface of the paper so your guests’ heartfelt words don’t smudge into an inky, unreadable mess.

Guest Book Alternatives

Before your wedding guests put pen to paper, consider these fresh, alternative approaches to your guest book.

Coffee-Table Conversation Starter
Purchase a beautiful coffee-table book on a mutual favorite subject, and let guests grace the pages with messages of love. The book will then be a permanent part of your home décor and a constant reminder of the people who were there to celebrate with you.

Sign on the Mat
Frame a favorite photo of you and your significant other, and leave it out, sans glass, for guests to sign the surrounding mat. The framed image will later act as meaningful art for your wall.

Go Vintage
Get your hands on an old typewriter, and your guests’ messages will have a vintage feel. In addition, they will inevitably make mistakes since more than half of them have probably never used a typewriter, which makes it all the more fun. Collect the pages after the wedding and compile the messages in a frame or scrapbook.

Leaving Their Mark
Purchase a fingerprint guest book kit, and your guests won’t just be signing your poster, they’ll be leaving something behind. Whether the fingerprints are in the shape of a tree or a bunch of balloons, these creative posters get guests involved.

Message in a Box
Like a recipe box, a guest book box can be a fun DIY project or can be purchased from Cut the Cake Designs on Etsy. The box can be simple or ornate, and decorated to match your wedding colors. Inside, your guests will find a card on which they can leave you a message, and file it away alphabetically by their name.

Wishing Tree
This visually pleasing guest book alternative consists of a decorated branch or small potted tree of any kind. Guests write their messages on tags and hang them from the branches. Once the wedding is over, the tags make a great addition to your wedding scrapbook.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Let wedding guests get silly by setting up a photo booth, complete with props, chalk, and a chalkboard. Their true personalities will shine alongside their message, and you’ll have the evidence for years to come.