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Welcome Bag Must-Haves

The anatomy of your wedding welcome bag should be carefully considered. Here are the items we think are most important to include.

The Bag

Moving away from the basic brown paper bag is a nice touch. Spending a little extra to do a customized canvas tote or reusable shopping bag, like these from Baggu, can really take your welcome package to the next level.

The Map

Whether it’s a generic map of the area from the local chamber of commerce or a fancy letterpress version made by your stationery artist, be sure to include a map that includes important destinations.

The List

An essential list of local to-dos is a great thing to tuck into the bag. Even though you’re busy preparing for the big day, most of your guests will have some downtime. Sharing your favorite local activities is a great way to keep them engaged.

The Schedule

An itinerary of events, including welcome receptions and the farewell brunch, is essential for helping guests arrive on time at the right location. Don’t stress about including full directions to these locations. Addresses should be sufficient with modern GPS technology.

The Refreshment

A basic bottle of water is usually more appreciated that one can anticipate, either late or night or early in the morning post-party. But you could also consider including another locally bottled beverage if applicable.

The Snacks

Chips, cookies, candy, gum – any or all of these are a great addition for when your guests arrive back at the hotel after a night of tearing it up on the dance floor.

The Essentials

Depending on your locale, mini-sunscreen, bug spray, bandages, hand sanitizer, and/or pain reliever are all usually appreciated when included.

The Gift

It isn’t crucial but it can be fun to include a whimsical gift or tasty treat created in the local area. This can be rolled in with the snacks if there is a great baker in town or you’re on the ocean and want to include saltwater taffy. Other options to fill this category include a small candle, keychain, bottle opener, koozie, or locally made artisan product of any kind.

The Thank-You

You can include this on the itinerary or list of local attractions, but don’t forget to include a “thank you.” Your guests have sometimes traveled from afar, taken off work, or canceled other weekend plans to be there and celebrate with you. Be sure to appreciate them.