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As you plan your wedding, you will find that around every corner lies another opportunity for a costly add-on or upgrade. Many brides are quick to nod yes to every seemingly fabulous idea and little extra presented to them. Hey - when you're spending upwards of $30,000 - what's another $300?? It's an easy conclusion to make when swept up in the chaotic sea of wedding planning.

But if you're on a budget, the easiest way to stick to it is to just say no. For what seems now like an idea that you absolutely cannot forego lest you want a completely unremarkable and utterly forgettable wedding reception will eventually wind up as just another unnoticed wedding detail that burried you further into debt.

That said - here are some common wedding details and extras that you can live without, and neither you nor your guests will be the wiser:

1) The Champagne Toast
Almost every reception venue offers to pass a champagne toast to all of your guests for a $200-$400 fee. This is usually a wasted add-on. Many of your guests will simply take a sip and set the glass down - or not take a sip at all. It's best to allow your guests to simply toast with the drink of their choice when the toasts are made.

2) The Fountain
Fountains - chocolate, champagne, even cheese fondue - have been the rage for the last few years. If you have your heart set on one - fine. But if not - this is another extra you can do without. Trust us - your guests aren't going to search your reception site for the champagne or chocolate fountain. Really, they won't.

3) The Groom's Cake
The groom's cake is a southern tradition that has recently been spotted at wedding receptions throughout the country - (we all remember the armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias). It's definitely a nice idea if you've got the extra cash to spend, but it too is an unneccesary expense. No one ever runs out of wedding cake at a reception, so why have two cakes?

4) The Tossing Bouquet
Having your florist create an additional bridal bouquet for the bouquet toss has become the norm. The idea makes sense in concept, as most brides wish to keep their real bouquet as a keepsake. But there is no need to have your florist create a tossing bouquet - which can tack on an additional $50-$100 to your floral bill. Instead - have a friend or family member pick up some flowers from your local grocery store - a mere $5-$10.

5) The Extra Hour
Almost every reception site has an upfront overtime fee, and they'll casually mention that your reception can go an extra hour for, say, $200. It may seem tempting to turn your make your 4 hour reception last 5, but the extra hour is not only unnessasary - it could also increase your wedding costs exponentially. For you'll probably have to contract your entertainment, transportation, photographer and videographer for an extra hour as well. Guests are usually ready to call it a night after 4 hours - let them.

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