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Get the Look for Less:   Five Ways to Save on Wedding Décor

After selecting the perfect reception site, it’s all about the details. Consider the venue a blank canvas upon which to create your stylistic masterpiece. Event décor can make or break the ambiance, but don’t assume it has to break your wedding budget. Remember—less is always more. With our sound advice, you can find simple ways to get the most bang for your decorating buck.

Choose Wisely
Make your wedding venue work for you – not against you. Find a ceremony and reception site that complements your desired style so you don’t find yourself forced to decorate around it with pricey arrangements. For instance, if you envision a relaxed natural setting, go with a park or botanical garden. Or for a formal stately affair, consider a museum or historical building, with dominant architecture as your backdrop.

Something Borrowed
Add a personalized touch and honor your heritage by using family photos as décor pieces. Gather some stylish frames and ask for photos from both sides from the family (black and white works perfectly here). These inexpensive touches can embellish your guest book table or decorate otherwise décor-impaired spaces in the facility.

Think Double Duty
Floral arrangements are pricey, so make them earn their keep. Invite your ceremony flowers to the reception! You can use them to decorate your cake or gift table ñ and your guests will never be the wiser.

Go For Impact
Unfortunately, some elements of your special day simply go unnoticed by guests. So if your budget won’t allow you to drape your entire reception area in stylish décor pieces, relax. You can still create a noticeable impact by saving your decorating dollars for the areas that will pack the biggest punch – such as the entranceway.

See The Light
The right lighting can transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary. If hiring a lighting technician is out of your budget, consider creating this effect with candles. Fill glass bowls with floating candles and flowers, or place a single pillar candle in a hurricane lantern for a dramatic effect. The result is romantic and elegant…and inexpensive.

For more articles and advice to help you plan your wedding decor, visit our complete Wedding Flowers Guide

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