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Style….Everyone wants it. Many claim to have it. Admittedly few actually do. True style is not something you can purchase, but many equate throwing lots of money around with good taste. You know better. It’s more complex than that…..

When it comes to your wedding flowers – money and style don’t always go hand in hand. In fact, with floral arrangements taking a turn towards modern minimalism – it’s now easier than ever to create a dazzling décor scheme on a modest budget. So just how can you cut your floral costs without cutting corners? Take advantage of some clever ideas, and design a floral motif for your wedding that is simultaneously stylish and budget friendly:

Have an Intimate Bridal Party
With fewer attendants, your florist will won't have to create as many bouquets boutonnières - resulting in instant savings that will in no way put a damper on your floral style. If you have a lot of close friends - consider assigning alternative VIP roles - such as ceremony reader.

Shrink the Guest List
Fewer seats at your wedding ceremony means less aisles to decorate; fewer tables at your wedding reception means less floral centerpieces to adorn them. You get the idea...You'll have gorgeous arrangements - just less of them.

Go With The Season
In season wedding flowers are often less expensive and easier to find. For a list of common flowers for each season, visit our seasonal flower guide.

Keep It Simple Sista!
Certain flowers will run up of the cost of your floral budget no matter what season. Ask your florist to review your options with you. One way to make sure that your less expensive flowers look anything but – group a bunch of the same bloom together for a stunning visual effect. Tightly packed daisies can be eye catching.

Consider Alternative Arrangements
Scattered flower petals surrounded by votive candles create an elegant effect without breaking the bank. Or have arrangements featuring grasses, fruits or vegetables - one of our favorite hot trends!

Choose a Naturally Beautiful Location
Expensive decor is hardly necessary when Mother Nature does the work for you! A springtime wedding in a garden hardly needs additional floral arrangements, while an ornate church may be breathtaking on its own. Also consider that many facilities are decorated for the holidays, so holding a December wedding may provide you with gorgeous poinsettias and garland free of cost.

For more inpiration on planning your wedding day floral scheme, visit our complete Floral Planning Guide

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