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5 ways to save on a destination wedding

A destination wedding can provide an economical solution for couples seeking an intimate (yet completely chic) gathering instead of a traditional elaborate affair. Anything goes when you wed long distance, and this lack of convention affords tons of cost cutting opportunities. But just like anything else, as soon as your dreams start to run wild, so will your budget.

Here’s how you can pull off a destination wedding without a hitch - and without maxing out your wedding funds:

Deja Vu
Choose a location that you have already visited, and save yourself some costly pre-wedding flights and headaches. Being familiar with the setting will help you commence your wedding plans without constantly trekking back and forth to your destination. You may still need to take a pre-wedding research trip to the location, so try to condense any necessary onsite pre-wedding tasks into one trip.

Think Tropical
There is no unwavering rule that states which type of destination wedding location is the most budget friendly, but all-inclusive resorts are generally the least expensive option, especially in the off-season months. All-inclusive resorts ususally offer budget friendly wedding packages that include the assistance of an on-site wedding planner for a flat rate—an option that your favorite B&B on Cape Cod might not offer.

Be Organized
As if planning a hometown soiree isn’t enough work; factoring in the distance will require you to be twice as organized. Starting your planning early is a must, and you'll give yourself more time to research the most cost-efficient options.

Consider All Costs
Weddings at a distance pose one major challenge: logistics. You'll need to get everything - from your programs and place card holders to your wedding gown and veil - to and from your location. When budgeting for your wedding, be sure to factor shipping costs and plan for plenty of time to research the best method. Try to lessen shipping costs wherever possible: If you are planning a pre-wedding trip to your destination, ake as many essentials with you as you can and find a reliable storage facility. After the festivities, recruit a trustworthy guest to handle getting your items and any presents home safely.

Enlist a Pro
Sounds a little counterintuitive, but sometimes you gotta spend a little to save a lot. Whether it is the on-site event planner at your destination location or an experienced travel agent, a little assistance is a must. These professionals have access to group discounts and a wealth of area knowledge that will be priceless when you are trying to plan from a distance.

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