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Bridal Accessories – How to Get your Bling on a Budget

Perfecting your wedding day ensemble doesn’t necessarily end once you’ve found your dream wedding gown. Adding the right accessories is the final step. From headpieces and earrings to necklaces and shoes, these finishing touches pull together your bridal look. Here are a few pearls of wisdom to help enhance your style without breaking the bank…

Your Wedding Veil -
Something Old AND Borrowed

Add a sentimental touch to your wedding attire by donning your mother’s or grandmother’s veil. This easy way to save will also fulfill your “something old” and “something borrowed” requirements.

If you’ve got the time and the talent, you can even consider making your own veil. Go online or visit your local craft shop for an easy-to-follow pattern. **note – do not attempt this one unless you’re extremely confident in your sewing skills, and give yourself ample time in case the task proves to be more difficult than you anticipated.

Your Bridal Shoes -
Walk This Way

A willingness to shop around is a surefire way to score some deals – and the same holds true for your wedding day shoes. In fact, there is no written rule that you even have to wear bridal shoes on your big day (hint – anything labeled “wedding” or “bridal” tends to cost more). Instead, consult your favorite brands or stores for a good deal on a pair of neutral sandals or pumps.

Your Headpice -
Go Natural

If an elaborate head piece is out of your budget, consider decorating your ‘do with seasonal flowers. This is an inexpensive alternative and a simple yet elegant way to tie in an outdoor theme.

Your Baubles -
Heirloom Pieces

Perhaps the perfect touch to your wedding day look lies right in your mother’s – or other family member’s - jewelry box. (This is another great way to satisfy your “something old” and “something borrowed” requirements!)

Double Duty Diamonds
Celebrity newlyweds are setting yet another trend—opting for one brilliant wedding ring in lieu of a solitaire engagement ring with a plain matching wedding band. This two-in-one trend can save thousands on the traditional left-hand bling, and while the diamond-encrusted band given to Pink by Carey Hart may be out of your price range, there are plenty of options to suit every taste and budget. **hint – visit the Wedding Ring and Accessories Search to find styles in every price range.

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