Ideas & Advice


Picking a site and planning every detail may seem overwhelming; don’t lose sight of the goal, which is for everyone – including you – to have a fantastic time.
  • How to Find the Right Wedding Venue

    Before meeting with the first reception site manager, consider these important factors in determining the venue that is right for your wedding reception.

  • Wedding Venue Comparison Guide

    Size up the wedding sites - use this cheat sheet to weigh the pros and cons of various types of wedding venues.

  • Questions to ask your Reception Site

    Come equipped with the questions you need answered before booking your wedding reception.

  • Ways to Save - Plan a Priceless Wedding Reception on a Budget

    Book a wedding venue and plan a reception that’s high on style and easy on the purse strings with these tips on saving money on wedding receptions.

  • Wedding Reception Timeline - What Happens When

    You may have been to dozens of weddings, but it’s hard to know what is supposed to happen when at your own wedding reception. Relax; we’ve mapped it out for you so you don’t have to.

  • Reception Rentals Guide

    Depending on your wedding venue, you may need to supply some, if not all the rental items required to host your wedding reception and serve your guests.  Here is your ultimate wedding rentals checklist

  • Plan a Green Wedding

    Sure, “green” weddings are all the rage, but you’ll need to go the extra mile to make yours stand apart from the rest.

  • Wedding Favors

    Browse our guide for unique wedding favors ideas and everything you’ll need to know to present them in style.

  • Wedding Toasts

    Browse our wedding toasts and speeches guide and ensure your words leave a memorable impression.

  • Reception Site Planner and Checklist

    Print this handy reception workbook for an easy-access, take-anywhere cheat sheet to help you stay organized when planning and booking your reception site. 

  • Reception Rentals Checklist

    Print this handy checklist to help you stay organized and keep track of the items you need to rent for your reception.

  • Sample Wedding Toasts

    Stumped on coming up with a great wedding toast? This gallery of sayings, good wishes, and quotations to incorporate into your toast will help you get started. 

  • Guest Book Alternatives

    Before your wedding guests put pen to paper, consider these fresh, alternative approaches to your guest book.

  • Creating the Perfect Escort Card Display

    Remember: The escort card display is one of the first things your guests see as they enter your wedding reception. Totally “wow” them by employing a few simple design concepts.

  • Plan a Sunrise Breakfast Wedding

    Want to do something unique and exciting? Why not get married at dawn and serve breakfast instead of dinner?

  • Seating Chart Nightmares Resolved

    Between feuding family, single girlfriends, and guests who don’t speak English, creating the perfect seating chart for your wedding can be a real handful. Here’s a little info to help you on your way.

  • Tapas-Style Wedding Menu

    It’s true: Tapas are trendy and for good reason. Small plates that are big on flavor might be just the thing to take your wedding reception menu from average to exciting.

  • Top 10 Ways to Save on Wedding Reception Costs

    You set a wedding budget but as those unforeseen costs creep in, you may become dangerously close to exceeding that predetermined amount. We’ve got 10 tips to help you stay true to that all-too-important number.

  • Unique Table Number Ideas

    Jazz up your tablescapes with memorable table numbers or names that guests won’t soon forget.

  • Wedding Rentals: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

    Rentals are a necessity when planning a large event. Know what’s worth it and what’s not.

  • Your Wedding Seating Chart: Round Tables Versus Banquet

    Round tables are a classic choice, but maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the traditional circle. There’s no right or wrong here; it’s simply a matter of your venue space and personal preference. Let us help you consider the pros and cons.

  • Music for Your Wedding Reception

    Get the party started with your wedding reception music. 

  • Cash Bars

    Are cash bars at weddings a breach of wedding etiquette?