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Check out our Guests + Seating Pinterest board for more fun and creative escort card ideas!

Creating the Perfect Escort Card Display

Remember: The escort card display is one of the first things your guests see as they enter your wedding reception. Totally “wow” them by employing a few simple design concepts.


Tented Card

A tented escort card is the traditional route to go as they’ll sit easily on any surface. But don’t be afraid to jazz it up by purchasing them in a fun color or with a pretty scalloped edge. And unless you have a friend with gorgeous handwriting, hiring a calligrapher is worth every penny.

Flat Card

A flat escort card design can be nice when you plan to suspend them. Large antique frames or wooden ladders can be the perfect props for this. Purchase extra small clothespins from your local craft store and hang stripes of ribbon or string inside the frame. The escort cards can then be attached to the ribbon with the clothespins.


Your wedding favor can always double as your escort card. A tag wrapped around the lid of homemade jam or flag sticking out of a mini potted plant. No matter the favor you choose, there can be a fun way to incorporate names and table assignments.

Food & Drink

A delicious treat can be a fun way to direct guests to their tables. You can attach cute labels to a stripped straw and put them each inside a glass of bubbly or print guest names and table assignments on glassine or paper bags, then fill them with a delicious snack like popcorn or french fries.


Props, Props and More Props

When laying out your tented escort cards or displaying favors with table assignments attached, the more props you have, the better your display will look. When we say props, we mean cool containers, stacks of vintage books, wooden crates, ornate frames, or any other items that might fit your theme. Laying your cards out flat on a table will look lackluster, but by creating different levels across the table and clustering cards or items together in a cool and unique ways, you’ll knock it out of the park.

Place Card Holders

If you’re going with a traditional flat card but don’t feel like hanging them inside an ornate frame, consider going with a cute place card holder. They can double as a favor, like these Hoot Place Card Holders or adorable Gold-Dipped Bunnies from BHLDN. 

Create a Backdrop

If you put a ton of time and effort into the design of your escort cards, don’t forget what’s going to appear behind the table. If you’re getting married in a rustic barn, sure the wood backdrop may look great, but if it’s empty space or weird wallpaper behind your escort card table, consider creating a ribbon curtain or hanging a cool piece of fabric. Visit our Wedding Day Backdrops board on Pinterest for ideas.

Light It Up

Sure, you remembered tons of pretty votive and pillar candles for the tables, but don’t neglect your escort card display. Romance it up with that perfect about of twinkling candlelight.

Add Botanicals

Moss, flowers, ivy, and other leafy greens, like seeded eucalyptus, are the perfect filler once you’ve laid out all your escort cards. You may see holes or gaps in the display, which can be filled with pretty botanicals to kick things up a notch.


One Card Per Person or Per Couple?

This is a completely personal choice and will depend largely on the design of your escort card. If you go the route of a simple tented card or even a favor with the table assignment attached, then putting both a husband and wife on the same card or label is completely acceptable. If you’re passing out a treat that indicates seating assignments, we suggest you give one per person.

Bonus Escort Card Tip

This may seem obvious, but we think it’s worth a reminder: Always set your escort cards out in alphabetical order so as not to confuse your guests.