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Music for Your Wedding Reception

Get the party started with your wedding reception music. 

Your wedding entertainment can really make or break the atmosphere of your reception. No other detail will command more influence over the behavior of your guests, so you should use this opportunity to elicit the behavior you desire. Thus, whether you want your guests dancing on the tabletops by night’s end or would rather keep the atmosphere formal and elegant, your reception music will help set the mood.

How To Choose Your Wedding Reception Music

Once you have decided on the type of atmosphere you wish to create, it’s time to hire your wedding entertainment. The overall look and feel of your wedding and your venue may determine whether you should hire a wedding band or a DJ; however, either will work in almost any situation.

Shop Around

Selecting your wedding reception music is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so invest some time and energy in scouting for your band or DJ. Check out local acts or ask friends for suggestions. Other vendors can also provide recommendations. Search our Local Wedding Services directory for preferred wedding entertainment in your area. Once you find a few bands or DJs that interest you, check out their websites. Many offer sound clips that will further help you decide.

Meet and Greet

Once you have narrowed your list, set up appointments with your top prospects. Take note of the band leader’s or DJ’s personality. Does he or she have a pleasant manner or grate on your nerves? Also, make sure that your band or DJ wears something that coincides with the overall feel of your wedding reception. Mullets and ripped T-shirts don’t really work at formal dinner.

Plan your Playlist

Make sure that your wedding entertainment plays a variety of music. You want to ensure that both your 17–year–old cousins and your 75–year–old grandmother will enjoy your wedding reception music and find songs that will entice them onto the dance floor. Supply your entertainment with both a play list and a do not play list. If your vision of your reception in no way involves your relatives performing “the chicken dance,” you must alert your band or DJ so that they will have a ready response when your Uncle Fred requests it. Browse our list of popular Wedding Songs for receptions for ideas.