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Ask Emma: The Right Direction

We all know that on a fun scale of one to ten, wedding dress shopping easily gets a ten.  Creating directions for out-of-town guests: most definitely a one.  That is, until Weddingmapper.com recently launched its interactive site where you can create an online wedding map for your guests and personalize it with photos, web links, and descriptions.  You plot your points using the easy-to-follow instructions, and your finished map is saved as a secure web page to share with guests.

The fun part comes in getting a little creative.  Add the full map into a personal wedding website, design and print a customized version, or upload descriptive photos.  Or play the part of resident tour guide by filling your map with interesting facts about your wedding locales.  Just don’t blame us when you miss your final dress fitting while perfecting your map.

Additional Information

Supported by third party ads, Wedding Mapper is free to use; $9.95 removes ads, gets you a customized url, and lets you add additional links and upload files.

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