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This Week on Pinterest: Winter Wedding Flower Trends

Winter weddings are on the rise, and why not? It’s a completely romantic and unique time of year to tie the knot. We chatted with Morgan Perrone of Valley Flower Company and got her take on top winter wedding flower trends for the upcoming season. She says, “I rely a lot on instinct rather than too much planning. I’ve found that if you overly plan something, it usually ends up missing some of its charm.” This is great advice, especially for winter brides when the planning can be more difficult and the “winter wonderland” theme may end up feeling cliché. Here are some of the unique ideas we collected based on Perrone’s suggestions… 

1. Metallics: We’re definitely not over that trend yet. Silver, gold, bronze, incorporate them all! (Photo credit: Left | Right)

2. Traditional: If you’re attracted to a traditional shape with elegant greenery, go for it. “Classic” never goes out of style. (Photo credit: Left | Right)

3. Velvet: Velvet bouquet wraps, velvet ribbon on top of table runners, velvet bows – any way you use it, it just screams elegance. (Photo credit)

4. Pine Cones: ...can be cool and not cliché when combined with the right soft blooms in that perfect container. (Photo credit)

5. Muted Golden Tones: Creamy ivory, beige, and yellow hues are a lovely touch of warmth in the chilly months. (Photo credit: Left | Right)

6. Moody Maroons: Deep, dark burgundy, plums, and reds will always make the right statement in the winter months. (Photo credit)

7. Unexpected Texture: Think outside the box and combine flowers with other materials, like wood, cotton, or burlap. (Photo credit)

8. Privet Berry and Pine: The deep plum of the privet is a lovely choice color-wise, while the pine needs to be used carefully so as not to feel cliché, like here where it sits atop citrus. (Photo credit)

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November 1, 2013 | link | More: Things We Love