Ideas & Advice


Relive your wedding day anytime you want. Learn how to capture every moment on film with this guide to planning your wedding videography.
  • Your Videography Budget

    Set your wedding videography budget with this guide to videography costs and rates.

  • Wedding Videography Trends

    Wedding videos have never been as well-edited, stylized, and beautiful as they are today. We’ve compiled a list of what’s hot in the wedding videography world to help convince you that hiring a videographer should be as high on your list as finding a great photographer.

  • Hiring a Videographer

    Consider these important tips on hiring the right videographer before signing on the dotted line.

  • Wedding Videography Workbook and Checklist

    Print this handy videography workbook for an easy-access, take-anywhere cheat sheet to help you stay organized when booking your videographer and planning your wedding video.