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Wedding Videography Trends

Wedding videos have never been as well-edited, stylized, and beautiful as they are today. We’ve compiled a list of what’s hot in the wedding videography world to help convince you that hiring a videographer should be as high on your list as finding a great photographer.

Save-the-Date Videos
In lieu of sending our paper save-the-dates, why not be a little more eco-minded by sharing a fun and playful save-the-date wedding video with your friends and family. They’ll love it because they get to see your smiling faces and you’ll have something creative that will stand the test of time.

Gone Wireless
No need to worry about guests tripping over microphone wires anymore – wireless mics are all the rage in the world of videography. Small wireless microphones can be hidden discreetly under the groom’s boutonniere or the altar during the ceremony. Some state-of-the-art recorders come equipped with mics built right into them that should suffice. 

Time Lapse of the Surroundings
Many videographers are including time lapse footage of the sunrise from that day, people on a city block near the venue, or the light moving through a patch of trees. Whatever or however they capture it, bringing in these moments that are happening around the wedding day is a wonderful way to enhance the final edit.

Incorporating Details
Wedding videos are not just about speeches or interviews with your drunk uncle. Just like a photographer, long shots of the the wedding rings, invitations, attire, accessories, centerpieces, place cards, etc. are all being incorporated into the final edit of the video. It’s important to be sure you provide these details to your photographer, as well as your videographer, so he can be sure to shoot them both still and in motion. 

Capturing the Gift
We love seeing video footage of the bride and groom opening their gifts from one another prior to the ceremony, and we’ve even seen a few where they read their cards out loud, sharing their intimate messages to one another on video. A card or note can be easily lost, but to have that on video, available digitally at any time, is such a gift.

Slow-Motion Photo Booth
Having a simple photo booth isn’t enough anymore. You now have to add video. Check out this slow motion video photo booth by Super Frog Saves Tokyo, or don’t if you want to avoid making yourself spring for this for your upcoming event! It’s way too cool.

The Edit
Videographers are becoming so flawless with their edit to beautiful music that we often find ourselves completely lost in the moment. From showing the perfect balance of each individual’s vows interchanged with wedding details, to capturing the slicing together the day’s most intimate moments, modern wedding videography is all about the edit and we love where this trend is headed.