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Consult our list of videography saving tips for even more ways to save.

Your Videography Budget

Set your wedding videography budget with this guide to videography costs and rates.

Being able to relive your Auntie Mae’s rendition of the YMCA at the press of a button: priceless

All kidding aside, the truth is - memories do fade.  Hiring a videographer to catch all of the moments you don’t want to forget and the ones you may have missed is the best way to keep those memories intact.  When it comes to budgeting, allocating about 5% of your total wedding budget to videography is a good starting point.  When it comes to actual cost, a few special effects here and a few edits there can rack up the final bill.  We’ve compiled a list of factors that will affect the price tag to help you determine your priorities:

Set Your Wedding Videography Budget

One Videographer or Two?

Before immediately vetoing the idea of having more than one cameraman present, understand that one cameraman can’t be everywhere at once.  While one is capturing your dramatic walk down the aisle, the other may be focused on your hubby-to-be’s expression.  The fee for an extra cameraman is usually either a flat rate or allocated according to the amount of added coverage requested. 

Package Deal

Many photographers nowadays are venturing into the realm of videography.  Not only will you receive a cohesive look to your final products, but a team who is familiar working with each other is less likely to step on each other’s toes and vie for your time.  This one-stop shopping approach means one less vendor for you to deal with and presents the possibility of a discount if booking with the same company. 

Talk the Talk

Understanding videography jargon will help you to comprehend exactly what you’re getting and the costs involved with each feature or add-on.  Be sure to check out our Videography Terms to Know to get you familiar with what’s in store. 

Tech Savvy

In addition to learning the language of videography, be sure to know all of the different types of microphones and the costs associated with each option.  For example - digital sound recorders attached directly to the bride and groom provide the best up-close sound, but because it is recorded onto a separate disk that must be synched with the footage, it will cost you more during the editing process. A professional videographer should have state-of-the-art equipment, in which case sticking with the single mic that is built into the recorder should suffice.

Style Selection

Cinematic vs. documentary: While one style is not inherently more costly than the other, your videographer’s approach to each method may affect editing costs. 

Watch the Clock

Many videographers work on billable hours, which includes shooting on the day of your wedding and the editing phase.  If your videographer charges an hourly rate, find out up front how many hours s/he anticipates shooting and editing wedding will require. 

Special Effects

From color conversion and fades to text animation, fancy special effects options abound.  A good rule of thumb is that special effects should complement your footage, not overpower it.  Some videographers offer special effects on an á la carte basis while others include it in the price of the package.  Ask your videographer for his/her suggestions before making your selection.