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Wedding Stationery Giveaway from Printable Press!

A few months ago, we featured Printable Press as a Vendor Unveiled, and now we’re thrilled to announce their giveaway on www.eleGALA.com. Once entered, you have the opportunity to win a fully customized save-the-date pdf from this fabulous company. Browse their gorgeous and eclectic designs on the Printable Press Web site. eleGALA’s wedding-etiquette queen, KB, just got married in December and knows from experience that using Printable Press for your stationery is not only easy, it’s affordable and the results are amazing.

Additional Information

Sign up for this giveaway on www.eleGALA.com’s Subscribe & Win page and take a gander at their stationery collection on Printablepress.com.

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January 18, 2011 | link | More: Great Giveaways