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Band or DJ?  How to Decide

Solve the debate on whether to hire a band or a DJ to lead your reception festivities by considering the pros and cons of each.

In some instances, the type of venue you choose and the overall theme of your wedding will dictate whether you decide to go with a wedding band or DJ, but the decision is always up to you. In making your decision, consider the pros and cons of each:

Wedding Band

The Pros
A band is live, and when played by experienced musicians, nothing can beat live music. Talented musicians can really work with the theme of your wedding reception and modify songs accordingly. If the party is lagging, they can always switch the tempo. Hiring a band adds the exciting possibility that anything can happen.

The Cons
With wedding bands charging anywhere from $1500-$15,000, budget constraints can make hiring a band too expensive to consider. A band’s sound can also be limiting. If you want to hear from Beethoven to Outkast and everything in-between at your wedding reception, you may have some difficulty finding a wedding band that can play such an eclectic mix.


The Pros
One of the main benefits of hiring a DJ is that all the songs are played as you know them; you can rest assured that your first dance song will sound EXACTLY as you expect it to and can plan accordingly. You are also likely to get more variety in sound with a DJ, and for couples on a budget, even the most expensive DJs are usually less expensive than hiring a band.

The Cons
A DJ typically does not have as much ability to improvise and set the theme of the evening. The wedding songs will be played exactly how they were originally recorded and therefore can’t be modified to suit a beach, country or jazz swing wedding (for example) as bands can often do. Your DJ also can’t switch tempo if need be to accommodate your fiance’s dragging feet during your first dance.

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