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Ways To Save - Wedding Favors on a Budget

With these smart money saving tips, wedding favors needn’t be a budget buster.

Wedding favors are often the first item to suffer deletion a bride’s to-do list. They’re not mandatory, so why waste precious wedding dollars on these seemingly frivolous items? Before brushing this task aside due to budget constraints, realize that wedding favors offer a relatively inexpensive outlet for you to demonstrate your creativity and set your wedding apart from the rest.

Seven Ways to Save on Wedding Favors

Think Double Duty
Enjoy two-for-one savings when you choose favors that will serve another role in your wedding day production. For example: Miniature picture frames can hold place cards and double as a take-home memento. Or trade the pricey table arrangements for bunches of small potted plants your guests can take home and enjoy long after the final dance.

Get Crafty
You don’t have to be a budding Martha Stewart to craft your own wedding favors. If you’ve got the creative knack, we say go for it; it’s not as difficult as you may think. Round up some friends or family for a night of homemade favor-making. Simplicity is the key here; assemble tulle bags filled with Jordan almonds or test your culinary skills with homemade baked goods.

Go for the Gold
Give your guests the gift of dreaming big. Dollar state lotto tickets are fun and inexpensive, and they can double as place cards if you place them in customized envelopes. You never know: If someone hits it big, they may be willing to share the wealth.

Mix It Up
Finally, a wedding favor that will do more than collect dust in your guests’ dresser drawers. Send them home with a compilation of the songs featured at your reception or a sample from your favorite playlist. You can find blank CDs and jewel cases for less than a dollar each.

Go Green
A gift from the earth can be a “naturally” inexpensive alternative to a costly knickknack. A packet of seedlings tied with ribbon is both eco- and budget-friendly, and your guests will reminisce your wedding day as their gifts blossom. Our green weddings guide provides even more ideas and advice on planning a green wedding.

Give Back
With altruism at an all-time high, more and more couples are taking an advantage of an effortless opportunity to give something back, donating to charity in the name of their wedding guests. Charitable donations are inherently budget friendly, since you specify the amount you can afford. And the reward for your philanthropic actions definitely exceeds the cost.

Cut that List Already!
This bit of advice is the easiest path to instant savings. Remember: The cost of your wedding favors multiplies by the number of guests at your wedding, so even an inexpensive dollar favor idea starts to look pricey when you have to purchase 500. Solution? Duh…invite fewer guests.

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