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Videography Trends

We’ve compiled a list of what’s hot in the videography world:

As with every other aspect of your wedding, videography is influenced by industry trends.  While every fad might not be your style, it is important to know what all the rage is about. 

Go Digital

Analog was so 1990.  Today’s video memoirs are all about high-resolution.  DV is the most affordable high-quality format that exists currently, while HD is up and coming for a higher price tag. 

Go Portable

If memories of your father lugging around bread-box-sized camera and a foot-long row of light bulbs make you shutter at the thought of hiring someone to document your day, have no fear!  With every year that passes, technological equipment gets smaller and smaller, making videographer’s presence unobtrusive.  Plus, newer equipment comes bearing the appropriate lighting mechanisms, eliminating the need for extra lighting. 

Go Wireless

No need to worry about guests tripping over microphone wires anymore – wireless mics are all the rage in the world of videography.  Small wireless microphones can be hidden discreetly under the groom’s boutonniere or the altar during the ceremony.  Some state-of-the-art recorders come equipped with mics built right into them that should suffice. 

Go Angular

With the size of cameras downscaling, a whole new world of opportunities opens up, with angles galore.  Cameras can be affixed unobtrusively to posts and other sturdy wedding-day fixtures, offering a new perspective on the electric slide. 

Go Stylistic

You no longer have to decide which method of videography suits your style: cinematic or documentary.  Most videographers are skilled in both approaches, leaving you with a collective end result.  Just be sure to voice to your videographer which shots are important to you, then leave the rest to the pros. 

Go Vintage

Provide your videographer with bits from the past, from childhood home video footage to still photos from your first date.  He/she will find creative ways to incorporate these memories into your video to help tell the story of your lives. 

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