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Consider what you love to do together and incorporate props that represent those activities. For example: If you love sharing literature, surround yourselves with books and read to each other while your photographer snaps shots.

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You can see fun examples of successful engagement shoots on our blog, Unveiled.

Your Engagement Photos

You’re newly engaged, a little sparkle adorns your left hand, and you’re ready to get started down the road toward wedding bliss. Follow these tips and tricks for great engagement photos.

Engagement Photo Shoot - The Six Ws

Throw out preconceptions of those tired, dusty engagement photos reminiscent of high-school senior pictures. Today’s top wedding photographers have replaced them with edgy and artistic engagement shoots that ooze personal style. Here, we explain why you should think twice before axing an engagement shoot from your to-do list and how to make the most of this fleeting photography opportunity.

Why – Put Your Best Photo Forward

Not only will the resulting photos be a great addition to your family album, but you’re probably also building a wedding website or possibly using an image for your save-the-dates, and you know your folks want to send an announcement for print in the local paper. For any or all of these, you want to look your best. Having professional photos will give everything a finished look.

Who – Know Your Ally

For many couples, it’s tough to get comfortable and loosen up in front of the lens. Engagement sessions are an excellent time to assess and get to know your wedding photographer, while also giving him or her an intimate glimpse into your style as a couple, an essential step on the road to preserving your best wedding moments on film.

When – Plan Ahead

Schedule your engagement photo session as soon as your date is set and you’ve chosen a photographer, preferably eight to ten months out. That will give you plenty of times to receive proofs and choose photos for your engagement announcement and wedding website. These photos are meant to capture the magic of your engagement, not the stress caused by squeezing too many things in before the big day.

What – Come Prepared

Engagement sessions can be fun for both of you. If your honey is less than thrilled to pose for these pictures, get him excited and inspired by showing him other engagement photos you love and generating ideas for creative shots that allow both of you to express who you are. Incorporate props that represent the things you love, like your favorite books if you’re literature buffs, your bicycles if you love to cruise the city streets, or items that relate to your jobs in a fun way.

Where – The Best Backdrops

Some photographers will have you meet at their studio, which means that you don’t have to worry much about location, but if your photographer is coming to you, you want to be sure to scout the best backdrops. Seek out settings that speak to the overall aesthetic you’re going for: If you’re going for edgy, look for old, funky buildings and industrial settings like railroad tracks; if you want a more classic, romantic feel, find a field of tall grass or whimsical garden and set up a picnic.

Wear – Engagement Ensembles

Coordinated outfits? No. Timeless ensembles? Yes. From casual to formal, it’s nice to run the gamut and bring a couple of different outfit options. You don’t want to match in his and hers white T-shirts and jeans but you do want to express your personalities through your clothes. Don’t be afraid to take some risks with daring colors and dramatic silhouettes, but avoid patterns, plaids, and overly floral garments, as they don’t photograph well.