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Budgeting for a Wedding Planner

If you think that a wedding planner is a luxury reserved for the very wealthy or very lazy, you may be surprised… 

How much does a wedding planner cost?

You may think your wedding budget is too maxed out for hired help, but the good news is that most wedding consultants will work within a variety of budgets and can customize a planning package that serves your needs. While many orchestrate entire events from start to finish (which can be pricey), most can be hired for specific services, such as vendor selection or day-of coordination. Learn more about the different types of wedding planning services.

Your cost will ultimately depend on what you hire them for, so start by making a list of things for which you’d like the help of a professional – i.e. finding and booking all your vendors, or just making sure things run smoothly during the final days. Then, get in touch with a few to find out what they’d charge for those services. Use the www.eleGALA.com local vendor search to find recommended wedding planners in your area.

How does a wedding planner bill?

Different planners have different billing methods: Some charge by the hour (anywhere from $75–$100+,) while others charge a percentage of your entire wedding budget (10–15 percent is typical.) Still, others charge a flat package rate depending on the services you need.

Can a Wedding Planner Help Save You Money?

Hiring a pro to assist with your plans can actually be a wise economic decision. Need convincing? Here are a few ways a wedding planner can help you save some serious headaches – and cash:

  • Set Your Budget…and Stick To It Once you set your wedding budget, your planner will help you stick to it. Be open about any budgetary constraints during planning sessions. Once you’re on the same page, your planner can help you determine what’s most important to you and make spending choices accordingly.
  • A Friend Indeed A good wedding planner will get the most for your money by choosing the best vendors. As industry insiders, wedding consultants have built a network of reliable professionals and can make recommendations based on your style and budget. This can save countless hours of research and potentially avert costly mistakes (you can rest assured knowing Johnny Photographer isn’t going to skip town with your photography deposit or show up with faulty equipment).
  • Prime Negotiator Your wedding planner will review all vendor contracts before you sign on the dotted line, catching any hidden fees and ensuring your needs are covered. As repeat clients, planners may even score you some vendor discounts.

Learn more about how a wedding planner can save you money...