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Types of Wedding Planners - Services Breakdown

Thinking of Hiring a Wedding Planner? You’ve Got Plenty of Options…

While many orchestrate entire affairs from start to finish, professional planners can facilitate in a number of capacities.  Costs vary: Some charge by the hour and others charge a flat fee depending on how much help you need.  Get more information on budgeting for a wedding planner here.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the various types of professional wedding planning services:

Full Planning

Extremely busy? Not too detail oriented?  A full-service wedding planner may be your savior.  A complete planning package can handle every last detail—from finding and securing your reception site and vendors, to negotiating and coordinating payment, to ensuring the big day progresses flawlessly. 

Partial Planning

Sure, you’re resourceful – but who couldn’t use a little handholding and advice along the way?  With a partial planning package, the planner offers assistance and guidance as needed. You remain hands-on, doing much of the research and decision making on your own. 

Week of/Day of Planning

This is a great option if you prefer to plan everything yourself but want a pro on hand to tend to last minute details—so you can relax and enjoy your day as the guest of honor. 

A la carte Services

Stumped on invitations? Looked everywhere for that perfect band? Many planners offer a la carte services to suit your specific needs.