Ideas & Advice

Alternative Weddings

From gay weddings to vow renewals and encore weddings, not every wedding fits into a pre-selected mold. Consult this guide for tips and advice beyond the conventional.
  • Encore Weddings

    Navigate through your second (or third, or fourth…) wedding with this handy encore wedding guide.

  • Same Sex Weddings

    This gay marriage guide offers advice on those situations unique to gay couples that need to be addressed before diving into the rest of the planning process.  Consider this your starting point…

  • Vow Renewals

    What better way to express your love for your spouse than to do it all over again?  Read on for everything you need to know about renewing your vows…

  • Take Back your Wedding: Cliche-Free Ideas

    There is nothing wrong with the traditional white wedding, but sometimes it is nice to make yours stand out from the rest…

  • Alternative Wedding Ceremony Readings

    Consult this list of alternative – even humorous – ceremony readings inspired by modern literature, songs, and poetry that pack a slightly edgier punch than traditional wedding readings.