Bridal Shower Themes: Inspirational ideas and Practical Advice

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Article contributed by Holly Klose, webmaster of Maid of Honor Advice. As a one-time bride, one-time maid of honor, two-time bridesmaid and one-time flower girl, Holly gives advice to bridesmaids, maids of honor, and brides on everything from the bridal shower to the maid-of-honor speech.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or the maid of honor, you want to plan a bridal shower that will delight the bride and impress the guests.  How exactly you’re supposed to do this can seem a bit overwhelming, but there’s no need to fear.  This article on bridal shower themes will show you some fun ways to make the event something any bridesmaid or maid of honor would be proud of.

Let’s start with some inspired bridal shower theme ideas and then see how we can implement them for an unforgettable event.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

The key to a good bridal shower theme is to start with something you know the bride enjoys.  This could be anything from hobbies like backpacking, gardening, yoga or music.  Or you could choose a more luxurious laid back interest like visiting the spa or attending wine and cheese tastings.  As the maid of honor or one of the fabulous bridesmaids, you probably know a little about what makes the bride happy and what she might enjoy doing.  It’s a good idea to use this knowledge to your advantage when planning out the bridal shower.

One of the more popular themes these days seems to be a spa or “pampering” theme.  This can be especially successful if the bride already has most of her kitchen gear.  Instead of the traditional place settings and towels, bridal shower guests could give scented candles, lotions or spa gift certificates.

And this brings me to the practical side of planning a bridal shower with one of these fun themes.  It’s all fine and good to declare the theme “Music and Romance,” but how do you actually make it come alive at the event?

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

As I hinted at in the case of the spa or pampering themed bridal shower, you could ask guests to bring gifts related to your theme.  If the bride enjoys going backpacking, the maid of honor or bridesmaid in charge of the shower could request camping-related gifts on the invitations.  If music is central to the bride, guests could bring anything from favorite albums to concert or opera tickets.  Assuming the shower isn’t a surprise, you could even ask the bride to make a special registry for her hobby items, guaranteeing she receives that lightweight tent or special violin she’s always wanted.

Activities and Location

A creative maid of honor or bridesmaid could come up with all sorts of activities based on any of these bridal shower themes.  For a gardening theme, why not hold the event outside and have guests plant flower seeds in special pots to give the bride or take home as favors?  Or if you choose a wine theme, consider holding the bridal shower at a nearby restaurant and have the sommelier give guests a wine tasting.  I have heard of very successful bridal showers where the bridesmaid or maid of honor hired a manicurist or masseuse for a spa theme.  And I even attended a bridal shower which started out as a relaxing yoga class (although I think this one might be better saved as a way to start the bachelorette party!).

Decorations and Food

Finally, decorations and food are an easy way to incorporate a bridal shower theme.  Surround the room with potted plants and gardening aprons, pretty wine bottles, or even musical notes or pictures of famous musicians.  Use scented candles and leave a buffet of different lotions for guests to sample.  And of course, convey your theme through food!  Serve wine and cheese for a wine theme, cucumber water for a spa theme or even smores for a backpacking theme!

However you choose to implement your bridal shower theme, just remember that it’s not picking the perfect theme that will make you a stellar maid of honor or bridesmaid, it’s just the fact that you took the time and made the effort to make the bride’s event so memorable.