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Your Wedding Bouquet - Classic and Creative Handle Treatments

Your wedding bouquet plays an important role in your wedding day, so why not let it tell a story of its own?

Make that all-important bridal accessory shine with a personalized, one-of-a-kind bouquet wrap.

Bouquet Wrap Materials

Garden Twine

If you’re going for garden-chic or rustic elegance, consider jute twine for your handle. When layered and wrapped tightly around the stems, the twine creates a simple and stylish aesthetic.


A soft, lush velvet wrap is fitting for a fall or winter bouquet. The texture and vibrant color options make for a luxurious handle.


Sure, satin has been done but don’t rule out ribbon altogether. For a simple, classic look, secure a wide taffeta ribbon with pearl pins or get creative by layering gingham or patterned ribbon over a plain, solid color. Bold, elegant, striped ribbons look amazing set against the backdrop of a white gown. 


This increasingly popular fabric speaks to a rustic, backyard wedding vibe. The bold texture and varied widths make it a great choice for a down-to-earth, charming affair.

Sentimental Fabrics

If you have lace from your mother’s wedding dress or a handkerchief from your grandmother, take them to your florist and discuss creative ways to incorporate them into your wrap. Your bouquet is with you through most of the event, making it a nice way to incorporate meaningful items. 

Unique Techniques

Keep It Simple

Let your flowers shine by asking your florist to wrap your bouquet in one single, thin piece of ribbon, just enough to hold the stems together. The exposed stems revealed below the ribbon will give the bouquet a soft, loosely gathered feel.

Tie a Bow

Many bouquet-wrapping techniques strategically hide the ends of the fabric or ribbon, but consider having your florist finish your wrap with a bow, large or small. It’ll add a stylish and playful element. 

Leave Nothing Exposed

If you’re not into the idea of exposed stems, request that your florist do a folded fabric end. The stems will first be secured with floral tape and the fabric folded to create a pocket, in which the bouquet will be placed before it is wrapped. This will result in neatly folder material covering the base of the stems. 


Go Vintage

Embellish your bouquet handle with vintage jewelry, like a brooch or pendant passed down through your family. Pin the piece to the front of your bouquet wrap for an elegant, meaningful, and timeless adornment.

Button It Up

Decorate your bouquet wrap with one large central button or several small, playful ones. Match them to your wedding colors for a cohesive look.

Sport His or Her Initials

Show your love by pinning your honey’s initials to your wrap. Gold or silver initial charms, like these from Lotus Jewelry Studio, might just suit your needs.

Add Some Sparkle

Adorn your wrap with rhinestone embellishments or consider a handmade rhinestone bouquet cuff from the Bridal Bling Etsy shop.