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You can search hundreds of wedding invitations, save the dates, and other stationery componants in our invitation and stationery photo gallery.

Getting Started - Wedding Invitation and Stationery Tips

Stationery involves more than wedding invitations - here’s the lowdown on the typical stationery components.

Depending on the nature, size and location of your event, your wedding invitation made not need all the traditional enclosures. Here are some wedding invitation tips to help you decide.

Wedding Invitation Basics

Save the Date Cards

Save the dates are a basic who, what, where, when announcement sent to get the word out to guests so they can make travel arrangements. A fun extra, but only absolutely necessary when hosting a destination wedding, inviting a number of out-of-towners, or taking place during a holiday or other peak time.


Your Wedding Invitations are the formal invite sent to all of your guests requesting their presence at your wedding. Invitations can include a number of different enclosures:

  • Outer envelope: Holds all enclosures, formally addressed to the recipient.
  • Inner envelope: Holds all contents of the formal, third-person invitation for protection during shipping.
  • Reception card: Specifies where and when the reception will be held.
  • Response card: On which your guests indicate acceptance or regrets. In self-addressed stamped envelope. Make sure to include an RSVP deadline.
  • Map/Directional: Optional insertion to help guests navigate and arrange for accommodations.


Wedding programs provide an outline of your ceremony and/or reception proceedings

Thank You Cards

Ordered with invitations - thank you cards are the proper way to acknowledge a guest’s presence, contribution to the wedding, and/or gift

Other miscellaneous stationery items you may need:

Place cards: Designates assigned guest seating at your reception.
Menu cards: Outlines the meal that will be served during the reception.
Table cards: Indicates table number or name.