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Wedding Floral Trends: Unique Centerpieces and Bouquets

Choosing rare or lesser-known blooms isn’t enough to make your wedding flowers stand out. Think outside the traditional glass vase to create wedding floral arrangements that truly wow.

Wedding Arrangement Trends

Super Smooth

For large and luscious centerpieces and bouquets, combine big blooms like peonies, garden roses, and dahlias. They appear soft and almost velvety when simply paired together with understated fillers like dusty millers, seeded eucalypti, blue privet berries, or wheats.

Branching Out

Looking for simple centerpieces with height? Consider cherry blossom, smaller birch branches, forsythia, or plain branches with small green leaves. Baby’s breath can also be arranged alone in tall vases for a softer statement.

Almost Edible

Fruits and veggies are a fun addition to floral décor, but fiddleheads and cabbage have been done before and let’s go beyond vases filled with limes. Visualize radishes among white dahlias, blackberries and thistle paired with anemone, and mini-oranges tucked between garden roses.

Au Natural

Airplants, succulents, and moss can all survive without soil or water for the evening, and can therefore be displayed in a variety of creative ways. Place the airplants inside antique bottles or under glass cloches and display them among candles and moss to create a one-of-a-kind tablescape.

Keep it Simple

Group three to four vintage bottles in the center of your table, and place one to three stems of your chosen bloom in each bottle. Dahlias, poppies, billy balls, and garden roses are especially eye-catching when used this way, but these DIY arrangements can look abundant with almost any flower.

Lone Blossom

Let your favorite flower fly solo by omitting the fillers and requesting a full bouquet a single bloom. Peonies, ranunculus, or cabbage roses make a statement when arranged by themselves. Or for something entirely different, forgo the flower and use only the filler; lavender or wheat can be beautiful on its own.

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