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Wedding Floral Trends: DIY Wedding Flowers

Before enlisting your bridesmaids and setting up shop in your kitchen, check out this list of tips and tricks for do-it-yourself wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flower Tips & Tricks

Consult a Florist and Consider Cost

You may have an excellent eye for color and design, but if you don’t know the ins and outs of specific blooms and where to order them, a florist may be the safest bet. Also know that doing your own wedding flowers won’t necessarily save you money. It might, but there are no guarantees. You’ll have to purchase equipment and pay shipping costs that would usually be taken care of by the flower shop. Consider getting a quote from a florist so you can make an educated choice.

Do Your Research

Be sure you know all there is to know about the blooms you choose. Flowers can be very temperamental, and you don’t want them opening too soon or not soon enough. Flexible, hearty blooms include hydrangea, roses, spray roses, gerbera daisies, delphinium, mini-carnations, orchids, sunflowers, and a variety of mums. Even if you choose from that list, you’ll still need a plan for allowing the flowers to open at room temperature, which can take up to 24 hours but is different from bloom to bloom.

Plan Ahead

You’ll want to have the flowers delivered two to three days before the wedding so you have enough time to unpack them, let them open, and process them. Remember that you’ll have to have a way to keep them cool. Most flowers should be stored at 32 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or they will begin to open. Tropical blooms like orchids, anthuriums, proteas, ginger, and bird-of-paradise should be stored at 50 to 55 degrees.

Know Your Equipment

You’ll need several buckets to store the flowers once you remove them from their packaging. These buckets should be scrubbed clean and disinfected before use. Be sure to fill the buckets with cool water – warm water may cause some flowers to open prematurely. Floral tape is a must-have for the bouquets and boutonnieres; it is green so it can be hidden and will stick securely to the uneven surface of the stems. Floral scissors should also be on your list as they are stronger than your average scissors and will trim the stems correctly so they receive water when necessary.

Practice Makes Perfect

Order a small amount of the blooms you plan on using from the same source you plan to order, and practice arranging them at least a month before your big day. There is no better way to avoid mistakes right before the wedding, especially with the single most important floral arrangement, your bridal bouquet. You’ll rule out the blooms or fillers that you don’t need and be able to make other additions before it’s too late. Plus, you’ll have a gorgeous arrangement to enjoy in your home.

Have a Back-up Plan

Unlike a florist, you won’t have a shop of flowers available if the peonies begin to wilt or don’t arrive on time. So take some extra precautions. Order at least 10 extra stems of each bloom (if all goes well, you’ll always be able to find a place for an extra arrangement or two). Second, scout out a place where you can pick up some sort of replacement flowers, even if it is just your local grocery store; find the ones that have the best selection. If the delivery is late, you will need to speed up the natural opening process of your blooms, so be ready with large plastic bags and warm water or a hot, steamy bathroom. Both options will create a greenhouse effect and trick the flowers into opening early.

Choosing Your Blooms

If cost is an issue, choosing flowers in season will help. That’s also a great way to support the environment by buying local, in-season blooms. If you’ve dreamed of peonies since you were a little girl, then just be sure to consider environmental factors that may affect your flowers. If it’s a winter wedding, choose hearty blooms – like mums, carnations, and roses – that can withstand cooler temperatures. If you set a date in the middle of August, then you’ll want flowers that won’t wilt in the heat – hydrangea, dahlias, and sunflowers are good options.

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