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Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season

Take a cue from the seasons with our favorite wedding cakes ideas for spring, summer, fall, and winter…

Fall Wedding Cakes

Bring out the rich, warm colors and tastes of autumn through your wedding dessert…

  • Go pumpkin: Round out a fall feast with a pumpkin cake or even a tiered pumpkin pie.
  • Crazy for carrot: Carrot cake suits many seasons but can be a cozy fall flavor to add to the mix.
  • Pie bar: Designate family members to make pies and design a delicious table of pies for guests to choose from.
  • Chocolate is always safe: Serve a hearty chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate fondant and decorated with fresh or marzipan fruits and berries.

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Winter Wedding Cakes

Warm up to a decadent dessert course with these cool cakes that reflect the winter season…

  • White on white: Adorn an all-white cake with marzipan snowflakes or swiss dots, or top with fresh white poinsettias or stephanotis.
  • Get rich: Serve a decadent chocolate cake or cheesecake with raspberry sauce/filling, and decorate with chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries.
  • Red velvet: The richness of a red velvet totally fits in to any winter scene.
  • Top it off: Find a glittery, winter topper that speaks to your theme. Glitter covered twigs, initials, pinecones or mini-bunting would do!

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Spring Wedding Cakes

Summon the taste of spring with light flavors and delicate colors…

  • Coconut confection: Coconut frosting and fillings make a quintessential spring treat.
  • Crazy for carrot: Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is another springtime fave.
  • Light and fluffy: Go with angel food cake and fresh strawberries or strawberry cream.
  • Whimsical adornments: Decorate with bright, fanciful details, like ribbon, swiss dots, or swirl patterns.

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Summer Wedding Cakes

When it comes to a summer wedding cake, invoke warmth, sunshine, and fun…

  • Light and fluffy: Serve something light, like angel food cake topped with whipped cream and berries.
  • Fresh adornments: Top traditional wedding cake with fresh tropical flowers like hibiscus, or decorate with shells and starfish.
  • Spoon it out: Serve light sorbet or gelato.
  • Add a cherry: Have a do it yourself sundae bar (just make sure you have a way to keep the ice cream cool).

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