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Ways to Save - Wedding Transportation on a Budget

Plan your grand arrival without going over budget on wedding transportation.

Every girl dreams of making a grand Cinderella-like entrance to the ball – and her wedding day is the perfect excuse. But at what cost should you be willing to sacrifice your wedding budget for glamour? With our sound advice, you can save and still arrive in posh style. Make an impression on a budget with these five ways to save on wedding transportation:

Tips to Help You Save On Wedding Transportation

Downsize Your Ride

You don’t necessarily need a stretch limo for an intimate bridal party. Traditional limos seat 6 passengers and are a perfect budget friendly alternative to their stretch counterparts. If scaling back the size of your bridal party isn’t an option, consider having a close friend or relative transport them to the wedding, and save the hired ride for you and your hubby.

Save the Drama

Determine what point in the day your mode of transportation will have the greatest effect – and hire the fancy ride for that one way trip. Do you really need a chauffeured limo if you’re showing up in a t-shirt and jeans? Perhaps you would rather make a dramatic getaway at the end of your reception. Sign up for the hourly rate instead of the entire evening, and enjoy considerable savings.

Designate a Driver

Ditch the chauffeured ride, and opt for a rental car that is equally as glamorous. Recruit someone reliable (and sober) to drive your rental.

Omit the Amenities

A television and sunroof might seem like an enticing add-on when booking your wedding transportation. But consider the circumstances - just how much TV are you going to watch on your wedding day? Take our advice – lose the pricey extras – and put the savings towards more noticeable wedding details.

Have an Off-Peak Gala

Again, there is no rule that states that your wedding has to be held on a Saturday in June. If you hold your event on a day when rental vehicles are in less demand, chances are you can negotiate a considerable discount.