Unique outdoor wedding ceremony Ideas & Advice Unique outdoor wedding ceremony

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Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Incorporate these unique wedding ceremony ideas and exchange “I dos” in your own distinct style.

Hey, it’s all about you; take back your wedding ceremony! It is a ritual – time honored and sacred – but that does not mean it has to be like every other. Even if you prefer the more traditional route, you can still add a touch of personality with unique wedding ceremony ideas for décor, readings, and songs.

Ceremony Location
Not every wedding ceremony must take place in a house of worship. Outdoor locations and other types of ceremony sites can make for ceremonies that are both spiritual and memorable. Consult our list of unique ceremony site ideas for inspiration.

A Refreshing Wedding Ceremony Idea
Welcome and refresh your guests by serving lemonade, iced tea, or your signature cocktail. It’s a nice touch, and your guests will appreciate the gesture. Depending on the season or nature of your wedding, you can tie your refreshment choice into the theme or style of the day. If the weather is cool and the ceremony is outdoors, consider serving a hot drink to keep guests warm.

Personalized Pew and Altar Decorations
Who says your ceremony decorations must be floral? How about adding burlap or fabric bows to ceremony pews, and creating a colorful ribbon backdrop for your “I dos.” Our complete wedding flowers and wedding decorations guide can help you create unique and memorable décor.

Customize your Wedding Ceremony Programs
Summer brides often design their wedding programs to double as a fan. Or keep the shape and style traditional, and include personal letter or poem to add some interest to this often overlooked detail.  Our complete wedding programs guide offers even more ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Personalized Aisle Runner
You will know this is your ceremony while walking down the aisle on a runner personalized with your monogram or logo. If that’s not your style, consider a burlap aisle runner lined in flowers.

Beyond “Here Comes the Bride”
If walking down the aisle to the same song as thousands of brides before you doesn’t sound appealing, there’s no reason why your favorite tune can’t make a memorable substitute. Consult our list of Popular Wedding Songs for unique and non-traditional wedding ceremony music.

Mix up the Bridal Party
Who says your maid of honor must be a “maid”? If your best pal happens to be a guy, have a “man of honor.” Same goes for the best man; there’s no reason why there can’t be a “best woman.”

Unique Wedding Ceremony Tradition
Not crazy about the unity candle or sand ceremony? Instead, plant a tree together and allow family to also add soil to the tree’s container.

Write your own Wedding Vows, Readings, Poems
Nothing puts that special personalized stamp on a ceremony quite like vows and readings prepared by the bride and groom themselves. These spoken words expose your mind and your heart to each other and to your audience. Get started with our tips on writing your wedding vows and list of popular wedding readings in our wedding readings and speeches guide.