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Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Relaxing by the beach or sightseeing in the city - the first step in planning your honeymoon travel is to determine your preferred vacation destination.

More often than not, booking a honeymoon takes a backseat to planning your wedding, but don’t let it be an afterthought.  After tireless months of planning, this is your chance to finally relax and spend some alone-time with your new hubby.  With some careful planning, your honeymoon will be equally as memorable as the wedding itself. 

How to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

The first step in planning your honeymoon should be to sit down with your beau and discuss what type of vacation you’d like to embark on.  Do you see the two of you soaking up the sun in a tropical locale, venturing on an African safari, exploring a bustling city, or simply shacking up in a remote location with nothing but a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door?  Here’s a rundown of vacation types to help determine which getaway best suits your interests: 

Beach Bums
If you fall asleep every night to a stress-relief CD of gentle ocean waves playing in the background, perhaps a tropical retreat is in order.  A vacation to the beach can be as secluded as a private-island sanctuary or as interactive as an all-inclusive couples resort.  Choosing a remote location gives you the flexibility to do it all or nothing at all—spend the day snorkeling around a coral reef, escape to an intimate location for a romantic picnic, or simply sprawl out in the sand and enjoy each other’s company.  If you are social butterflies, flock to an all-inclusive resort to mingle with other newlyweds while engaging in a little friendly beach volleyball or obstacle course competition.  Either way, a few steamy nights in a tropical location are sure to ignite romance. 

Relaxation Addicts
What better way to unwind after a whirlwind of planning than with a soothing couple’s massage?  If an invigorating yoga class and a therapeutic mud mask are part of your daily regimens, perhaps a trip to a wellness spa is the perfect remedy to rejuvenate your spirits and relax your souls.  Take a leisurely hike through the mountains, treat yourselves to a couple’s massage, then dine on a wholesome meal of fresh organic cuisine over candlelight.  Start your life together the right way! 

Adventure Fanatics
You don’t have to be a seasoned globetrotter like Bear Grylls to crave a little excitement in your lives.  Pack your bags and head for the hills…or the jungle…or the rainforest…or wherever your adventuresome hearts desire Newlyweds looking to take a walk on the wild side on their honeymoon have a world of options, from an African safari or trip down the Nile River to a cross-country excursion with nothing but your backpacks and a map.  Exploring new places together will help to strengthen your relationship and fuel your libido. 

Two if by Sea
Can’t decide between adventure or relaxation?  Why not have it all?  Cruise ships give you the luxury of limitless on-board activities and the convenience of being transported to an exotic location.  Sip margaritas while lounging on the deck between buffet lines and gambling, then jump ship at your destination and steal a moment away on the beach with your sweetie. 

City Trekkers
For couples always on the go, a vacation to a new city presents endless opportunities for entertainment.  Brush up on the city’s history prior to your visit and map out some must-see sites.  Quench your thirst for knowledge with a visit to an area museum; discover the local art and music scene together; savor delectable cuisine and wine by candlelight at a renowned restaurant; or satisfy your need for excitement with a night out on the town.  A trip to the city can be as exciting or relaxing as you desire. 

Incurable Romantics
TomKat wannabes should take a cue from other hopeless love birds and opt to spend a honeymoon in total seclusion.  Flee to a cottage on the beach or a cabin in the woods and spend nights cooking a romantic dinner together after watching the sun set.  Turn off your cell phones, unplug the TV, and escape to an exclusive locale where your only agenda is to spend some one-on-one time with your hubby. 

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