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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Your wedding color scheme has the power to set the vibe, so choose wisely. Here are the top determining factors for selecting your hues – the foundation for your wedding flowers, details, and overall décor.

The Setting

Setting should be your first consideration. Look at the colors used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery, and decorations. If the site has strong colors, you’ll need to select a color scheme that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain color, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site.

Favorite Shade

You’ve been in love with pink since the first grade, so go with what you love. You can tastefully incorporate any color into your wedding decorations by selecting a modern hue and combining it with the right accents. 

Favorite Bloom

If roses or hydrangea are your thing, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t incorporate them into your wedding décor. Let the flower color inspire – either making it the dominant shade or using it as an accent – and it will all come together. 


Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide, so let the natural colors of the season inspire your chosen wedding colors. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with prissy pastel during spring or brown and orange during fall. Just make sure that the wedding colors you choose complement the blooms and foliage that are naturally available during that time of year. This wedding flowers by seasons guide will help you get started.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

If you want your ‘maids decked head to toe in your color, you’ll need to make sure it’s an appealing and flattering shade to wear. If a buttery yellow plays the lead role in your wedding color story, then consider dressing your ‘maids in your accent color. Everything goes with black and in the right style, it can be a flattering, simple, and easy choice.


Don’t slack on your research just because you’ve dreamed of a green spring-themed wedding since you were a little girl. Research the top color choices for the current year, study photographs from other weddings you love, browse your favorite blogs, and keep a scrapbook. Don’t get stuck on a color scheme because you saw it used once and liked it. Be sure to consider all of your wedding décor and how each detail will be affected by your chosen color scheme. 

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