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Hiring a Florist

Hold the filler flowers; look no further than a skilled wedding florist for sophisticated and stylish arrangements.

Even if you plan to create and arrange your own wedding flowers, consulting with a florist first is still a good idea. A florist’s first-hand knowledge and years of experience can prove extremely useful, ensuring you don’t overlook small but important details and that your floral scheme matches your wedding style.

Follow These Steps To Find a Florist…

Do Your Research

It is never too soon to begin exploring your options. If you don’t already have a favorite florist, research and find local florists. Your wedding facility coordinator or recently married friends are a great place to start. Browse our directory of local florists for a complete list of preferred florists in your area. Once you have a list of local florists, make appointments to review their work and discuss your floral vision.

Meet with Potential Florists

Plan to review portfolios and discuss your overall vision during your first appointments with potential florists. His/her previous work should match that vision. Remember that these portfolios showcase their best work, so if you don’t like what you see, continue shopping. When potential florists follow-up with proposals for your wedding based on your discussion, you should be able to make a decision on which best suits both your vision and wedding budget.

Determine the Details

Now that you have selected your florist, schedule planning meetings at the ceremony and reception locations to determine the wedding flowers you’ll use and their placement (or provide photos so that the florist will have an idea of what the locations look like). Consider your wedding facility as a blank canvas upon which your florist will create his/her work of art. The look and feel of the setting will lead your discussions, determining both the blooms you choose and where they will be placed.

Schedule a Final Meeting

As your wedding day approaches, you may want to schedule a final meeting with your florist to ensure that you’re on the same page. Bring images that inspire you and go over the vision one last time. Be sure there isn’t a single detail missing from his or her master list. From the boutonnieres to the bouquets, you want to know you’ll receive everything you hoped for and more. This final meeting opens the lines of communication and allows your florist to ask and answer any final questions.