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When considering these types of ceremony locations, make sure to determine any rules and regulations first. Find out about any necessary permits, restrictions, parking rules, or other scheduled events.

Find Your Wedding Ceremony Location

We did some digging and came up with a list of of our top ideas for unique and memorable wedding ceremony sites.

For couples choosing to hold their wedding ceremony at their own place of worship or that of their families, the perfect location to exchange vows is a non-decision. Many reception sites also boast beautiful settings in which to hold a wedding ceremony, offering the bride and groom a convenient alternative.

For others, though, the ideal ceremony location presents a challenge, since unlike reception sites, resources for ceremony site ideas are often scarce. Thankfully, this list of our favorite ceremony sites will ensure your wedding ceremony is as memorable as your reception. 

9 Wedding Ceremony Site Ideas


Offering a picturesque outdoor setting, parks are perfect locations for wedding ceremonies held during temperate months. The abundance of natural scenery can even eliminate the need for pricey decorations!

Government Buildings

Often magnificent architectural wonders, government buildings are a great untapped resource for memorable wedding ceremonies.


If your wedding reception will be held close to a body of water, take advantage of the ideal location and consider holding your ceremony on the banks of the water.

National Monuments

Incorporate some historical significance into your affair, and hold your ceremony near a national monument.

Natural Wonders

Nothing signifies taking the big leap into marriage quite like saying “I do” from a waterfall, cliff, or mountaintop.

Botanical Gardens

In addition to all the love in the air, a garden wedding ceremony provides warm breezes, fragrant flowers, and a great relaxed vibe. Consult your almanac and ensure the outside temperatures will be comfortable during your chosen time of year.


Another often untapped resource of architectural prowess, museums provide distinctive backdrops for ceremonies (and an opportunity to learn something!).

Roof Deck or Rooftop

If you’re close to a metropolitan area, consider the roof of one of the tallest buildings. This can make for stunning views and photo opportunities.

Family Member’s House or Yard

Perhaps the perfect ceremony site is right in your own backyard! Having a backyard ceremony adds a special personal touch and creates a down-home feel. Because no two backyards are the same, it also guarantees your wedding ceremony will be unlike any other.

How To Find Wedding Ceremony Locations Near You

Not sure where to begin in finding these types of wedding ceremony sites? Start by consulting the www.eleGALA.com local venue and vendor directory to find ceremony locations near you.  Another option is to contact your local chamber of commerce for recommendations and information in your area.