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Etiquette for Wedding Websites

Creating a wedding website to inform your guests of your wedding details? You’ll want to brush up on these etiquette tips for wedding websites first…

Article Contributed by Luxurious Wedding Etiquette & Protocol Expert, Claudia Lutman

Every modern bride today is spreading the good cheer and keeping their friends and family informed of the happy progression of their engagement by posting a wedding website.

This is the most effective way to provide pertinent information related to your wedding. Your guests will never have to wonder what is expected of them because you have defined all the details. If there are any questions, a quick e-mail to you should get them back on track and alert you to make that point clearer on your website. This is such an invaluable tool because it provides the ceremony and reception location and timeline. You will be able to suggest travel and hotel accommodations, plus your wedding registry choices will make everything so clear.

Guests of all ages will be reading your wedding website, so let me share a few suggestions that will keep you on the etiquette track.

Etiquette for Wedding Websites

1. Write clearly and avoid slang terms may be misunderstood by a different generation.

2. Make sure the website represents you as a couple by choosing a design layout that reflects your personalities. Designing it in the color tones you will be using in your wedding is a clever way of hinting at what is to come.

3. Keep it as well organized as possible making it user friendly.

4. Keep it “G-Rated” and simple. Please avoid the temptation to share any intimate details regarding your relationship. Even the first kiss, details of dates, and so on should be left out. Of course, everyone will be interested in the romantic time you met and your proposal. Just try to keep it focused on the nature of your relationship and the pending union.

5. Do not list your website on your wedding invitations. The best ways to inform guests of your wedding website is by word of mouth, listing it on your save-the-date card, the response card, or map.

6. Electronic RSVPs through your website is acceptable; however, it is still necessary to enclose a response card as part of your invitation suite. You may put a line on the bottom of your response cards to make your guests aware of this new option by simply stating: You may also RSVP through our wedding website at:

7. Avoid putting a huge emphasis on your gift registries. Use tact and discretion when including links to your registry retailers.

8. Wedding websites are informative and fun, but you must still send a wedding invitation via snail mail and include all pertinent information related to your wedding as there may be a few guests who are not online.

9. Don’t stop at the wedding. Remember to use your wedding website to share the photographs from your honeymoon. Many couples are opting to continue their wedding website to keep their extended families up to date with their new married life.

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