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Our complete wedding fashion and bridal beauty guide will walk you through everything from finding your wedding dress, bridal jewelry and accessories to getting in shape for the big day.

Bridal Beauty - Four Steps to Looking Radiant on Your Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day, and it’s your day to shine. Make the most of it, and start preparing a healthy beauty routine now.

With today’s busy lifestyles, women often fail to make time for their personal health and well-being. We just let it slide – after all, who has the time? Throw planning a wedding into the mix, and we have even less time. But a time crunch is no excuse to let your health and beauty routine slide.  Avoid pre-wedding burnout and maintain optimal health and beauty when you incorporate these personal wellness components into your busy lifestyle today:

Exercise Routine

Finding time to exercise can seem easier said than done when your day is full of wedding planning tasks. We know… But don’t get bogged down in this excuse – for it’s just that: an excuse. ANYONE can squeeze 20 minutes of vigorous activity into their day – yes, you! Even if it’s just some lunges in your bedroom in the morning or a brisk walk during your lunch hour, make exercise a priority in your life – akin to showering or eating. It simply MUST be done.

If these words don’t motivate you, OR you find yourself in a workout rut, consider a personal trainer. A trainer may seem indulgent at a time when you’re hoarding pennies to pay for those high-end invitations you’ve set your sights on, but it will be money well spent. A trainer will develop an exercise routine especially for you and will work with you to ensure you train safely and obtain results. Although trainers can be pricey, most will teach you routines that you can do alone. Pop for five or six sessions, then take the lessons learned on your own.

Skin-Care Routine

Beautiful skin is not achieved overnight. If you are feeling less than radiant, do something about it now. Assess your beauty products; make sure you are using quality skin products that are right for your skin type. Book an appointment for a facial and consult your cosmetologist for advice and tips to get your skin in shape for the wedding. If your budget and calendar can afford it, try to get a facial at least every quarter leading up to your wedding.

Don’t Forget to Eat Right!

Yes, we’ve all heard it a million times…groan. But you simply cannot expect to look and feel fabulous if you don’t properly nourish your body. It’s time to evaluate your eating habits. Diet is not the key word here… “Diet” alludes to restriction and deprivation. You don’t necessarily need to deprive yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Just be aware of what you eat, and try to include as many healthy foods in your diet as you can. Read up on various foods and what nutrients they provide, but don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like just because they are healthy. There should be enough healthy foods that you like that you can include in your daily diet.

Above all else, don’t go hungry! Hunger slows your metabolism and leads to unhealthy binges later. Banning specific food groups or food items is unnecessary; just try not to allow your calorie intake for the day exceed 2,000 (standard for a normally active woman). It’s as simple as that. So don’t fret if you indulge in a morning donut; just try to eat a healthy balance for the rest of the day.