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Bridal Boot Camp - The Fastest Way to Get In Shape

Seeking the fastest way to get in shape and tone up for your wedding? Enlist in bridal boot camp, and report to duty.

Sometimes we need a little motivation to transform a bootylicious bod into a bride-a-licious bod. If you’re not a gym bunny, you may want to consider enlisting in bridal boot camp. Many boot camps are owned and taught by women and offer specific training sessions geared toward brides. These pre-nuptial programs can range from intensive weekend or weeklong regimens to long-term fitness plans. So report to duty, and shape up for your wedding.

Where to Find a Bridal Boot Camp Near You:

Bridal boot camps are popping up all over the country. Here are some local suggestions around the U.S., as well as some at-home options, to get you started. As with all fitness programs, please consult your physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

Adventure Boot Camp for Women – Locations throughout the US – Offers four-week programs that include one-hour sessions Monday through Friday. Cost is $299 for a regular four-week camp or $199 for a three-day-per-week program.

FitBoot – Boston, MA – This program has a realistic military approach, but a supportive environment for women of all fitness levels. The $375 course consists of 45-minute sessions every weekday for six weeks, and recruits must pass a physical fitness test at the end of camp.

The American Bootcamp Company – Atlanta (multiple locations), GA – Four-week group fitness program designed for all fitness levels combines an intense exercise regime with a healthy eating plan that allows each participant to experience real results.

Operation Boot Camp – Atlanta (Piedmont and Buckhead), GA – The 30-day boot camp program includes 18 group workouts, each about 45 minutes long. The program intersperses outdoor workouts with indoor studio sessions, providing a well-rounded, cross-training approach. In addition, instructors monitor your daily food intake, helping you learn how to incorporate nutrition into an overall healthy lifestyle.

motivFIT – Las Vegas, NV – A fun and competitive environment pushes participants to higher levels of physical and mental toughness three days a week for four weeks. Participants also receive nutritional counseling and the motivational coaching you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The Healthy Bride’s Boot Camp Workout – DVD – This DVD features four 45-minute workouts, including cardio, abs, and push ups, stretching, and weight training designed for the style of your dress. Get in shape for your wedding – all in the comfort of your own home. $21.95, available at or other retailers

Bridal Bootcamp – Paperback, by Cynthia M. Conde – This book is a fitness and nutrition guide created especially for women, with a focus on looking fabulous on your wedding day. It includes six-month, three-month, and four-week programs you can follow to lose body fat, increase lean muscle, and make healthy lifestyle changes. $14.95, available at or other retailers.

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